Golden Phoenix Medical Supply, we have the mindset of “serving with CARE” throughout all our professional team. We train people to be mindful and respectful in honoring every deal and transaction that we make.

We believe that every product that we supply has an impact not only on the sales of our company and principals in general, but to patients, society, and the environment as well. We understood well that we have a responsibility to others and therefore in Golden Phoenix Medical Supply, we strongly believe that “it is all about CARE……”


We have professional marketing support staff and an administration team to process all orders from our customers using our own system. All branches are connected online via an internet web base in order to avoid any delays in our order processing.

Golden Phoenix Medical Supply offers reliable and exceptional service. We will make sure that each customer will be extremely satisfied with our service, and retain their loyalty with our company.


We will make sure that our products are in perfect condition all the time and are ready to be used for patients. We firmly believe in delivering CARE not only to our customers but also to the patients who will ultimately be using our products.


Golden Phoenix Medical Supply is your premiere source in the medical supply chain. From PPE n95 masks to Diagnostic Imaging Equipment.