More than a decade ago, Smith & Nephew introduced OXINIUM◊ Oxidized Zirconium. This patented metal alloy is available for all of our knee implant systems. Its combination of hardness, smoothness and scratch-resistance makes it a superior choice for hip and knee implants.

OXINIUM material—a metal alloy with the surface transformed to ceramic using a patented process—has proven to be a superior metal for use in hip and knee implants due to its reduced friction and increased resistance to scratching and abrasion. These superior properties result in significantly less wear than can be produced by cobalt-chrome alloy (historically the material of choice in hip and knee implants).

Some facts that may interest you:

  • OXINIUM material has a surface hardness that is over twice that of cobalt-chrome. OXINIUM material may last longer than other implants as it reduces more than half of the implant wear common to other knees and hips based on lab simulator studies.
  • OXINIUM material avoids the risk of brittle fracture that can occur with ceramic implants.
  • OXINIUM material is 20% lighter than cobalt-chrome.
  • OXINIUM material contains <0.0035% for detectable nickel, the leading cause of negative reactions in patients with metal allergies.

OXINIUM Knee Replacement

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