With over 500,000 stems successfully implanted since 1997, SYNERGY Hip System has been one of the fastest growing hips in orthopaedics.
Why? Because SYNERGY is a complete system, with state-of-the-art options, that utilizes simple, efficient instrumentation.

Features and Benefits
The SYNERGY Hip System provides you a complete range of options to match your patients’ needs. The implants include solutions for:
• Cementless,
• Cemented
• Fracture management cases-CONQUEST FX
Each of these options uses the same surgical technique and the same two trays of surgical instruments.
The SYNERGY Hip System gets initial stability through three-point fixation:
• posterior proximal
• anterior midway
• posterior distal
Synergy is a bonded system approach and can be used with or without cement. This versatile system allows you to use one set of instrumentation.
Note: CONQUEST FX is a low demand, fracture management option that is implanted with the SYNERGY instruments. This option can be press-fit or cemented.

Design and Technology

Sophisticated design
SYNERGY Hip System incorporates successful Smith & Nephew design features including unique neck geometry and dual progressive offsets.

• Standard and high offset designs
• Threaded driving platform with an elliptical slot
• Improved neck geometry
• Recommended head/neck ratio
• No unnecessary anteversion
• Optimized 12/14 taper

Superior range of motion
Thecirculotrapezoidal neck and optimized 12/14 taper designs of SYNERGY stems provide increased range of motion (ROM) compared to other designs.

Surgical simplicity
All of the stems in the SYNERGY system (cemented and cementless) use the same 2 trays of instrumentation. The simple ream-and-broach system provides operating room efficiency: ream to a 14, broach to a 14, implant a 14 stem.
• Locking broach handles
• Few trial necks required
• A variety of trial heads
• Rigid stem inserter
• Easy-to-use anteversion handle

SYNERGY Hip Replacement

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